Defensive Artefacts - Achaea Online Help

19.10.3 Defensive Artefacts


Artefacts are special items that can be purchased only with Bound Credits. 
Unless otherwise stated, artefacts can be purchased in Merentesh's series of 
shops in Delos. They will reset into your inventory frequently, which means 
they cannot be loaned out, or stolen(!), for very long. Some only work for 
the owner. They never decay. They cannot be changed to reset to anyone 
else's inventory, so do not buy artefacts of any kind if you intend to sell 

Note About Stacking
Artefact effects (for similar artefacts) don't combine or stack. If you have,
say, a Collar of Ceylon and a Collar of Agatheis, then only one will boost
damage of a magical nature. If you have a Logosian Ring and a Mayan Ring, then
only one will increase the value of sipping a health elixir. In general, the
best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't count on having two
artefacts and somehow stacking their effects.


Anake's Hood: 400 credits
   - While you are wearing this stylish hood, you will be protected from
     many attempts to eavesdrop on you via a special ability: grove watch,
     mind listening, subterfuge and vodun/puppetry listen, angel/demon 

Buckawn's Boots OR Buckawn's Amulet: 800 credits
   - Lets you avoid the web tattoo attack from players.
     Also lets you avoid thrown or dropped web bombs, but not
     web bombs that are in your hands when they detonate.

Circlet of the Will OR Amulet of the Will: 300 credits
   - Increased regeneration of willpower.

Circlet of Determination OR Amulet of Determination: 850cr
   - Level 2 willpower regeneration

Clasp of the Animal Spirit: 500 credits
   - Strengthens the bond to your current morph.
   - Completely defeats the morph breaking of Soulstorm, Cleanseaura, Selarnia,
     and other abilities that force the morpher to 'human'/'unmorph'.

Gem of Cloaking: 400 credits
   - Removes you from the who, clwho, and bw/qw lists.
   - Removes you from the help city and house induction lists.
     Note: This does not remove you from HWHO, or CWHO. Similarly,
     it does not remove you from TRADEWHO for mutual allies, friends,
     citymates, and housemates. 
     Please examine the gem carefully. It can be activated and deactivated.
     Examination of the gem should reveal the secret.

Lasallian Lyre: 500 credits
   - A magical lyre that allows you to summon a prismatic barrier around
     you. This barrier stops most physical attacks. What you can do while
     in one is severely limited. To use the lyre: STRUM LYRE (wielded or not).

     Does not stop order, smoke bomb, incinerate, chill,
        death aura, empress, soul rend, paroxysm, jack in the box,
        body warp, chaos rays, unnamable, grave hands, piety,
        banana peels, tentacles, holocaust globe, knife sigils,
        rite of warding, gravity and tremors vibes, bloodworms,
        untargetted beckon, and demon sear.
     Destroyed by dragon blast, soulspear, and truename.
     Stops trample, star tarot, entity attacks, darts trap, leprosy,
        thornspray, yank, arc, spirit wrack, targetted beckon, all 
        bombs other than smoke, nearly all denizens, disruptive 
        harmonics, percussia, hailstorm, efreeti, tailsweep, 
        rite of demons, vibes (lullaby, creeps, dissipate, palpitation, 
        oscillate, energize, disorientation, plague, stridulation, 
        revelation, adduction, and dissonance), daegger hunt, and 
     Can do while in a prismatic barrier: check abilities, talk on city
        or clan channels, submit a bug report, check the who list for clans
        or cities, check and view config, check defences, virtually anything
        having to do with messages (MSG READ, MSG SEND, MSG LIST, etc),
        check world game or arena status, glance, read help, speak on house
        channel, check house who, check inventory, use market or newbie
        channel, check public news, use a party channel, embrace death, check
        punishments, qq/quit, check rankings, read a log, say things,
        check stat, check tattoos, send a tell, check recent tells, yell.

Prismatic ring: 600 credits
   - Imbued with all resistance enchantments (Cold, Magic, Fire, and 
     Electrical) on one ring. Enchantments will never fade from this item.

Ring of Endurance: 250 credits
   - Increased regeneration of endurance.

Ring of the Magus: 700
   - Offers protection vs. magical damage. (Approximately 15% protection.)

     The ring of the Magus reduces the type of damage called "magical."
     Not "damage from a magical source" but "damage which is itself a
     direct, magic damage." What sorts of things give magical type damage?
     Palpitation and dissonance vibrations, evileye and curse bleed,
     staffcast dissolution, certain denizen and entity attacks, decay,
     warp, deathaura. The reduction works in precisely the same way as
     a piece of physical armour. This means that, just like with physical
     type attacks, some portion of magical type attacks is unreduced by
     armour, and some portion is reduced. Example, a magical-type attack
     is delivering 1000 damage: 500 of it would go through unaffected, and
     500 would be reduced a certain percentage by the power of the Ring.

Shackle of Garash: 600 credits
  - Wearing this shackle gives you the mass defence, so you never have to
    worry about running out of mass salve mid-fight!

Veil of the Sphinx OR Hood of the Sphinx: 2000 credits
   - Hides you from many mortal abilities that can pinpoint your location,
     including spy, scent, view, sense, window, fullsense, angel presences, 
     demon presences, angel seek, allsight, falcon deliver, falcon track, 
     falcon follow, falcon seek, mind glance, mind sense, grove who, 
     grove look, grove eyes, forestwatch, foresttrack, mindnet, scry, farsee,
     who, users.

   - Owning a Veil allows you to cut past the Veil defence of an opponent 
     when locating him. This will _generally_ only work for one-time abilities,
     like 'sense', as opposed to abilities that trace someone on an on-going 
     basis, like angel trace or forest track.

   - Mutual friends (HELP FRIENDS) will be able to see past the Veil defence
     of each other.

   - Does NOT hide you from abilities that do more than simply locate you,
     such as Metamorphosis tracking.

   - Does not remove you from qw/bw and organisational who-type lists.

   - If you have any doubts about the effect of the Veil on a given ability,
     ask before you buy!

Wand of Reflection: 800 credits
   - Causes reflections of yourself to appear. Most attacks made upon you
     will hit and destroy a reflection, and all reflections must be
     destroyed before you can be hit. Any aggressive moves by you will
     destroy all your reflections. These wands are great for when you get
     jumped, or when you're in battle and need a short breather to catch
     up on healing afflictions.
   - They can only be used once per Achaean day (once per hour), and give
     you a handful of reflections each time.

Bracelets: (increase max health & mana. Only one bracelet works at a time.)
   Mayan bracelet:      350 credits (increases by  5%)
   Ceylonese bracelet:  700 credits (increases by 10%)
   Logosian bracelet:  1400 credits (increases by 15%)

Rings: (to increase how much a health or mana elixir heals you)
   Mayan ring:         500 credits  (increases health by 10%)
   Ceylonese ring:    1000 credits  (increases health by 20%)
   Logosian Ring:     2000 credits  (increases health by 30%)
   Ring of Noxtra:     500 credits  (increases mana by 10%)
   Ring of Somnustra: 1000 credits  (increases mana by 20%)
   Ring of Lunastra:  2000 credits  (increases mana by 30%)

Regeneration Rings
   - These rings provide the equivalent of level 1 and level 2 racial
     regeneration advantages. They are cumulative with racial advantages,
     and with the runes from Runelore that may provide regeneration, but
     not with the now-discontinued Trollskin armour. Total regeneration
     may never exceed level 3. No more than one ring can provide the
     wearer benefits. If more than one ring is worn, only the highest
     bonus applies. Please refer to HELP REGEN for more details.

   Ring of Vitality            Level 1 Health Regen:  300 credits
   Ring of Draconic Vigour     Level 2 Health Regen:  850 credits
   Ring of Meditation          Level 1 Mana Regen:    300 credits
   Ring of Lucretian Clarity   Level 2 Mana Regen:    850 credits