Defensive Artefacts - Achaea Online Help

19.10.3 Defensive Artefacts


Artefacts are special items that can be purchased only with Bound Credits.
Unless otherwise stated, artefacts can be purchased in Merentesh's series of
shops in Delos. They will reset into your inventory frequently, which means
they cannot be loaned out, or stolen(!), for very long. Some only work for the
owner. They never decay. They cannot be changed to reset to anyone else's
inventory, so do not buy artefacts of any kind if you intend to sell them.

Note About Stacking
Artefact effects (for similar artefacts) don't combine or stack. If you have,
say, a Collar of Ceylon and a Collar of Agatheis, then only one will boost
damage of a magical nature. If you have a Logosian Ring and a Mayan Ring, then
only one will increase the value of sipping a health elixir. In general, the
best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't count on having two
artefacts and somehow stacking their effects.

Wand of Reflection:                      800 credits
   - Causes reflections of yourself to appear. Most attacks made upon you
     will hit and destroy a reflection, and all reflections must be
     destroyed before you can be hit. Any aggressive moves by you will
     destroy all your reflections. These wands are great for when you get
     jumped, or when you're in battle and need a short breather to catch
     up on healing afflictions.
   - They can only be used once per Achaean day (once per hour), and give
     you a handful of reflections each time.

Shackle of Garash:                       600 credits
  - Wearing this shackle gives you the mass defence, so you never have to
    worry about running out of mass salve mid-fight!

Lasallian Lyre:                          500 credits
   - A magical lyre that allows you to summon a prismatic barrier around
     you. This barrier stops most physical attacks. What you can do while
     in one is severely limited. To use the lyre: STRUM LYRE (wielded or not).

     Does not stop order, smoke bomb, incinerate, chill,
        death aura, empress, soul rend, paroxysm, jack in the box,
        body warp, chaos rays, unnamable, grave hands, piety,
        banana peels, tentacles, holocaust globe, knife sigils,
        rite of warding, gravity and tremors vibes, bloodworms,
        untargetted beckon, and demon sear.
     Destroyed by dragon blast, soulspear, and truename.
     Stops trample, star tarot, entity attacks, darts trap, leprosy,
        thornspray, yank, arc, spirit wrack, targetted beckon, all 
        bombs other than smoke, nearly all denizens, disruptive 
        harmonics, percussia, hailstorm, efreeti, tailsweep, 
        rite of demons, vibes (lullaby, creeps, dissipate, palpitation, 
        oscillate, energize, disorientation, plague, stridulation, 
        revelation, adduction, and dissonance), daegger hunt, and 
     Can do while in a prismatic barrier: check abilities, talk on city
        or clan channels, submit a bug report, check the who list for clans
        or cities, check and view config, check defences, virtually anything
        having to do with messages (MSG READ, MSG SEND, MSG LIST, etc),
        check world game or arena status, glance, read help, speak on house
        channel, check house who, check inventory, use market or newbie
        channel, check public news, use a party channel, embrace death, check
        punishments, qq/quit, check rankings, read a log, say things,
        check stat, check tattoos, send a tell, check recent tells, yell.

A Miniature Toolkit:                     500 credits - trapmaster
   - Use the TRAPS command to view any traps that are armed in your room.
   - Be able to attempt to disarm traps that are in your room with
     DISARM TRAP <direction>.
   - Disarm does have a chance to fail, if it fails, you will be hit by
     the trap as if you moved through it. If you are successful, the 
     trap will be disarmed and you will receive any of the commodities
     used when it was created.
   - If you are of the Sentinel or Jester class, this item removes the
     failure chance on disarming other people's traps!
     (This extra effect only applies if you have learned the Disarm 
     ability in Woodlore/Pranks.)

Robes of the Magi:                      1000 credits - reduce_mana
   - Cuts your mana usage by 1/3. This does not apply to every case
     where you use mana, but almost all. Draining of mana by demons
     or runes is not affected. Transmutation is also not affected.

Sash of Eternal Battle:                 1000 credits - reduced_endurance
   - Much like the Robes of the Magi, this sash will reduce the endurance
     cost of almost all endurance-using abilities by 1/3.

Buckawn's Boots OR Buckawn's Amulet:     800 credits - anti_web
   - Lets you avoid the web tattoo attack from players.
     Also lets you avoid thrown or dropped web bombs, but not web
     bombs that are in your hands when they detonate.

Shield of Absorption:                    800 credits
  - Gives a 15% chance that a physical attack will be completely absorbed.
  - Must be wielded.
  - Stats on the shield are: 11% cutting, 11% Blunt.
  - May be used by all classes except Blademasters.
  - You may wield two if you wish, but it will be no more effective
    than wielding one!

Ring of the Magus:                       700 credits - magic_defense
   - Offers protection vs. magical damage. (Approximately 15% protection.)

     The ring of the Magus reduces the type of damage called "magical."
     Not "damage from a magical source" but "damage which is itself a
     direct, magic damage." What sorts of things give magical type damage?
     Palpitation and dissonance vibrations, evileye and curse bleed,
     staffcast dissolution, certain denizen and entity attacks, decay,
     warp, deathaura. The reduction works in precisely the same way as
     a piece of physical armour. This means that, just like with physical
     type attacks, some portion of magical type attacks is unreduced by
     armour, and some portion is reduced. Example, a magical-type attack
     is delivering 1000 damage: 500 of it would go through unaffected, and
     500 would be reduced a certain percentage by the power of the Ring.

Prismatic ring:                          600 credits - elemental_resistances
   - Imbued with all resistance enchantments (Cold, Magic, Fire, and 
     Electrical) on one ring. Enchantments will never fade from this item.

Bracelet of Sustenance:                  550 credits - sustenance
   - Wear this bracelet and you'll never need to sleep or eat again.
     (this acts exactly as though you were level 80+. It does not give
     immunity to hunger attacks).

Mask of Lifevision:                      500 credits - lifevision
   - Lets you use lifevision to see most hidden people. This does not
     simply work by being worn. Rather, wearing it allows you to use
     the ability 'lifevision.' This identifies some of those who may
     be walking around as ghostly forms, defeats some illusions, and
     reveals some forms of hiding or concealing of one's presence.

Mithril Spurs:                           500 credits - quickmount
   - Same as the Chivalry ability Swiftmount.
      - Regain balance more quickly while mounting a steed.
      - If you have the vault ability in Riding you may use it with
        no loss of balance.

Fishscale tunic:                         400 credits - breathe_underwater
   - When worn, allows the owner of the tunic to move underwater without
     drowning. In practical terms, functions like prickly pear.

Goggles of Whitesight:                   150 credits - whitesight
Spectacles of Whitesight:                150 credits - whitesight
   - Lets you see in blizzards. Affects multiple things, including
     look, squint, glance, and examine, among others.


Veil of the Sphinx:                     2000 credits - sphinx
Hood of the Sphinx:                     2000 credits - sphinx 
   - Hides you from many mortal abilities that can pinpoint your location,
     including spy, scent, view, sense, window, fullsense, angel presences, 
     demon presences, angel seek, allsight, falcon deliver, falcon track, 
     falcon follow, falcon seek, mind glance, mind sense, grove who, 
     grove look, grove eyes, forestwatch, foresttrack, mindnet, scry, farsee,
     who, users.
   - Owning a Veil allows you to cut past the Veil defence of an opponent 
     when locating him. This will _generally_ only work for one-time abilities,
     like 'sense', as opposed to abilities that trace someone on an on-going 
     basis, like angel trace or forest track.
   - Mutual friends (HELP FRIENDS) will be able to see past the Veil defence
     of each other.
   - Does NOT hide you from abilities that do more than simply locate you,
     such as Metamorphosis tracking.
   - Does not remove you from qw/bw and organisational who-type lists.
   - If you have any doubts about the effect of the Veil on a given ability,
     ask before you buy!

Shadowcloak:                             800 credits - shroud
   - A cloak that lets you use the necromancer shroud ability.

Deathmask:                               750 credits
   - If the owner of the deathmask dons the mask and slays another
     adventurer, the name of the owner will be concealed from those with
     deathsight. A deathsight message will still occur, but the name of
     the slayer will not be given.

Staff of Illusion:                       500 credits - illusion(1)
   - Cast an illusion in your room. Takes a 2 second equilibrium.
     (Allows use of CONJURE ILLUSION). Just having the staff is enough:
     it is not needful to wield it.
   - The maximum illusion length using the staff is 500 characters.
   - You may specify one newline character in your illusion with the
     character sequence \n
   - The staff requires balance.

A Shar'ilian lightspire:                2000 credits - illusion(2)
   - The maximum length of illusions cast is 1000 characters.
   - CONJURE ILLUSION <illusion> cast a basic illusion in your room.
   - CONJURE COLOUR <colour id> ILLUSION <illusion> cast roomwide, 
     coloured illusions.
   - You may specify one newline character in your illusion with 
     the character sequence \n
   - The staff requires balance and consumes equilibrium.
      The next functions of the lightspire require charges for use.
      The staff will regenerate 4% charge every Achaean day, 
      capping out at 100. 
     (These numbers are subject to change as we observe use.) 
      The charge level is displayed upon PROBE.
   - CONJURE AREA ILLUSION <illusion> cast an area wide illusion. 
     This will consume 50% charge.*
   - CONJURE CONTINENT ILLUSION <illusion> cast a continent wide illusion.
     This requires three mutually allied, lightspire owners with fully 
     charged staves, this will drain 100% charge from all three.*
   * Colours cannot be applied to the area or continent wide illusions.
      A glamour is a fantastical illusion that you can place in a room. 
      These are chosen from a list, rather like the basic hardcoded emotes. 
      It is intentional that these are takeable once dropped.
   - GLAMOUR LIST See what glamours are available to cast.
   - GLAMOUR CAST <glamour> Create a standard glamour. This costs 25% charge.
     These glamours will have a lifespan of 3 Achaean months, these cannot 
     be customised in any way.
   - GLAMOUR CAST SPECIAL <glamour> Create a glamour from the list with 
     1 month's lifespan, but once dropped this glamour is not-takeable. 
     Again, this cannot be customised in any way.

Upon purchasing a staff you can email with a
glamour suggestion (appearance, dropped, and examined, all must refer 
to the item as a glamour) and we will add it to the list (within reason).
Glamour suggestions can be public or private, mention which at the time 
of suggestion, we won't change them after they're live.
   - Public glamour submissions are free.
   - Private glamour submissions cost 50 bound credits
   - Regardless of type, the first glamour submission for a Lightspire
     owner is always free.

Orb of Suppression:                      500 credits - suppression
   - Hides most artefacts, including itself, from people examining you.
     If an artefact isn't being hidden, notify Makarios. When the orb is
     in your possession, it works for:
     - remove/unwear - onlookers will not see you remove the item.
     - house inventory - conceals worn and inventory but not wielded.
     - appraise - conceals worn, wielded, and inventory items.
     ** Exceptions: for an extra 50 credits per artefact, you may
     ** arrange things so that the artefact is NOT suppressed, and
     ** therefore will be visible even if you have an orb.

Talisman of Obfuscation:                 500 credits - conceal_illusions
   - Reduces the effectiveness of the lifevision defence by 33%.

Gem of Cloaking:                         400 credits
   - Removes you from the who, clwho, and bw/qw lists.
   - Removes you from the help city and house induction lists.
   Note: This does not remove you from HWHO, or CWHO. Similarly, it
   does not remove you from TRADEWHO for mutual allies, friends, 
   citymates, and housemates. 
   - Please examine the gem carefully. It can be activated and deactivated.
     Examination of the gem should reveal the secret.

Anake's Hood:                            400 credits - anti_spying
   - While you are wearing this stylish hood, you will be protected from
     many attempts to eavesdrop on you via a special ability: grove watch,
     mind listening, subterfuge and vodun/puppetry listen, angel/demon 

Prismatic lantern:                       350 credits - portal_identify
   - This lantern will allow its owner to see what room is on the other
     side of a portal, and the name of the adventurer from whom the
     portal originated. This includes sonicportals, grove portals,
     grove gateways, and the fiery portals created by the Wand of
     Portals artefact. To use this artefact, the owner merely has to
     PROBE the portal with the lantern in his or her inventory.
     Note: this does not show the contents of the room on the other
     side of the portal, only the name of the room itself.

Incandescent sigil:                      250 credits
   - This sigil is similar to a flame sigil in that it prevents the item it
     is attached to from being picked up. However, the sigil owner will not
     be prevented from picking up the item, and can detach the sigil at will.
   - ATTACH <sigil> TO <item>
   - DETACH <sigil> FROM <item>.
     NOTE: This cannot be used in conjunction with a standard flame sigil.
     NOTE: This does not prevent the effects of a mushroom sigil.

Serpentine keyring:                      100 credits
   - For the owner of the keyring only, the enchanted serpent will allow
     keys to be ATTACHed to it.
   - The owner, and only the owner, may remove keys (using GET (key#)

Gilded Page:                             100 credits.
   - Lets the owner reset their traits with the syntax READ PAGE.
   - This page will self-destruct when read.

Grimoire of Adaptation:                 1000 credits
   - Lets the owner reset their traits up to once an Achaean month
     (once per rl day) with the syntax READ GRIMOIRE.

Grimoire of Hasty Adaptation:           2000 credits
   - An upgrade of its regular sibling, offering the same benefits of the
     Grimoire of Adaptation with a shorter cooldown. 
   - Can be used once every 2 Achaean days (2 hours).

Lorewarden's stones
   - Reduce the time between switching between multiclased classes,
   - They incur a cooldown of 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 1 minute, 

Shard of the lesser lorewarden:          350 credits
      1 hour cooldown             - class_switch_reduction(1)
Chip of the lesser lorewarden:           800 credits
     10 minute cooldown           - class_switch_reduction(2)
Stone of the lesser lorewarden:         1600 credits
      1 minute cooldown           - class_switch_reduction(3)

Dagger of Reincarnation:                 100 credits
   - Lets you reincarnate.
   - SACRIFICE MYSELF once you have it, and then you may reincarnate in the
     Flame as usual. This ignores soulcage and starburst and works even if   
     you have either of those up/active/etc.
   - The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.
   - You can reincarnate to the same race to reset your racial
     specialisation. If you have multiple classes, it will only reset the
     current class slot's saved spec.

Gem of Transmutation:                   1000 credits
   - Lets you change race up to once an Achaean month (once per rl day).
   - Lets you reset your racial specialisation once an Achaean month
     (once per rl day) in lieu of reincarnating. Syntax: RACE UNSPECIALISE.
   - This artefact will not work for anyone but the owner.

Gem of Rapid Transmutation:             2000 credits
   - An upgrade of the Gem of Transmutation, offering the same benefits but
     with a much shorter cooldown. Can be used once every 2 Achaean days     
     (2 hours).

A Sailor's Decree:                      1200 credits - remote_seafaring
   - With this item in your inventory, when you are on ship in harbour
     or on land, you will be able to:
   - This does not work on ships at sea.