Curing Balances - Achaea Online Help

13.7.3 Curing Balances

Many curative and defensive remedies operate on a "balance timer." For
instance, once you have applied a salve or balm, there is a short period of
time during which any more salves or balms applied will be ineffective. That
is, if you have 3 broken limbs, you cannot simply apply mending 3 times in a
row to cure all 3. You must apply mending to cure one, wait, then apply mending
to cure another, wait, and so on.

There are four different "balances" that work this way: one is for salves and
balms as above, another is for eating plants and minerals, the third is for
drinking health/mana elixirs and vitality/mentality tonics, and the fourth is
for eating irid moss and potash.