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12.9.10 Creville Asylum

Located deep within the Northern Vashnars, Creville Asylum sprawls cold and
ominous, its dark hallways no longer overseen by Sapience's finest doctors
and nurses. Abandoned long ago by its founder Doctor Kortoxian, Creville was
once the epicentre of groundbreaking experimentation on the workings of the
humanoid brain. Where before the doctors tested their techniques upon the
insane and mentally infirm, now the patients rule the institution, roaming
the halls and terrorising their former keepers.

Unaccustomed to the outside, the insane confined within the asylum grounds
remain behind the blood-soaked walls of Creville, prisoners of their own
minds and the shadowy confines of the towering structure. Yet this
long-forgotten place represents a cruel mockery of freedom for these madmen,
existing in a world of brutal truths and dark secrets.