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9.37.3 Cooking


The cooking tradeskill enables you to prepare a wide variety of food products
from basic ingredients. With advanced knowledge in cooking you will be able to
design your own recipes, enhance your creations to make them more filling, and
preserve them to make them last longer.

In order to learn cooking, you must purchase a permit for 200 credits from the
Culinary Institute of Delos with BUY COOKING PERMIT. You must be above level 10
to access the cooking tradeskill.

To quickly get started in cooking, you will need to find a recipe to prepare -
let's use NDS LISTPUBLIC C to see all the public cooking recipes. "A skewer of
roasted vegetables," design 9330, looks like a simple one to try. Examine it in
further detail with NDS P 9330. From this we see that the recipe calls for 3
vegetable and 1 salt. Obtain these ingredients and take them to a suitable
cooking location (one that has, for instance, a cooking stove or a campfire)
and PREPARE 9330. Bon appetit!

Cooking stoves
For the low cost of only 200000 gold, you may REQUEST STOVE from Fronck in
Delos, gifting you a miniature stove that can be dropped in any housing room
that you have permission to place furniture.

Cooking stoves may also be found in all the major cities as well as the Delos
Culinary Institute.