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6.26 Commodities and commodity shops

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Iron, silver, gold, platinum, steel, coal, gems, bone, obsidian, stone, wood and the like. 

They may be found in commodities shops. These shops may buy or sell, unlike most other types of shops which only sell.

Many types of comms may also be produced by players in our Mining system. See HELP MINES for more details.

Commodities Shops
Commodity shops are special shops, run by and located in the places that
produce commodities (also known as comms). Comms are materials used to make other things. These village shops each produce one or more commodities. No village produces all commodities, and prices vary from village to village according to demand.

If a particular commodity in a particular shop is sold out, the price will
likely get raised when it is restocked. Similarly, if there is a large surplus,
the price will likely get lowered.

You will find these shops in Shastaan, Jaru, Tasur'ke, New Thera, Nimick,
El'Jazira, Moghedu, Blackrock, the Tsol'aa village in the Aalen, the Ogre
fortress of Thalagor, and the village of cavemen in Dun Valley.

Commodities are also sold in locations further from Sapience: on the islands of
Ulangi, Zanzibaar, and Umbrin, Tuar, and Zaphar, as well as in the village of Orilla, Sirocco Fortress, Luman Village, and the mines of Iskadar on the continent of Meropis.