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8 Classes and Houses

8.1    Classes            Achaea's system of classes, or professions.
8.1.1  Alchemist Class    Alchemy, Physiology, and Formulation.
8.1.2  Apostate Class     Apostasy, Necromancy, and Evileye.
8.1.3  Bard Class         Voicecraft, Swashbuckling, and Harmonics.
8.1.4  Blademaster Class  TwoArts, Striking, and Shindo.
8.1.5  Druid Class        Groves, Metamorphosis, and Reclamation.
8.1.6  Infernal Class     Necromancy, Chivalry, and Weaponmastery.
8.1.7  Jester Class       Pranks, Puppetry, and Tarot.
8.1.8  Magi Class         Elementalism, Crystalism, and Artificing.
8.1.9  Monk Class         Tekura, Telepathy, and Kaido.
8.1.10 Occultist Class    Occultism, Domination, and Tarot.
8.1.11 Paladin Class      Chivalry, Devotion, and Weaponmastery.
8.1.12 Priest Class       Spirituality, Devotion, and Healing.
8.1.13 Sentinel Class     Woodlore, Metamorphosis, and Skirmishing.
8.1.14 Serpent Class      Subterfuge, Hypnosis, and Venom.
8.1.15 Runewarden Class   Runelore, Chivalry, and Weaponmastery.
8.1.16 Shaman Class       Vodun, Curses, and Spiritlore.
8.1.17 Sylvan Class       Groves, Propagation, and Weatherweaving.
8.1.18 Depthswalker Class Aeonics, Shadowmancy, and Terminus.

8.1.95 Classranks         Fledgling, Journey[[wo]man], Full Member.
8.1.96 Classlist          A list of classes within Achaea.
8.1.97 Certimene          The Class and House Administrator in Delos.
8.1.98 Changingclass      About changing your class.

8.2    Houses             The Houses of Achaea.
8.2.1  Choosingahouse     A few tips on making a very important choice.
8.2.2  Changinghouses     Going from one to another.
8.2.3  Houseclasses       Some conflict. Some don't!
8.2.4  Dread Legates      But one of the Houses in Mhaldor.
8.2.5  The Virtuosi       But one of the Houses in Cyrene.
8.2.6  The Scions         But one of the Houses in Eleusis.
8.2.7  The Heartwood      But one of the Houses in Eleusis.
8.3    House Government   Forms of Governance.
8.3.1  Autocracy          Elected, but still one boss.
8.3.2  Triumvirate        Three elected chiefs.
8.3.3  Dictatorship       One leader and designated succession.
8.3.4  Oligarchy          Three lead; each picks a successor.
8.3.5  Ascendant          The Ascendant Oligarch/Triumvir.
8.3.6  Challenge          Successors wanting to move things along.
8.3.7  Support            City, or House - pick the big one.
8.3.8  Successor          Designating who comes to power next.
8.4    Housesystem        The Achaean system of Houses.
8.4.1  House Rank         Rising, falling, etc.
8.5    Houseleader        The position of House Leader.
8.6    Housecommands      List of command available to Houses.
8.7    Housepatron        The position of House Patron.
8.8    Housepositions     Customisable House positions.
8.9    Newcomerhead       The House Head of Newcomers.
8.10   Newcomers          About House Newcomers.
8.11   Housenews          The purpose of House-specific news sections.
8.12   Housetell          Speak to your House members who are on-line.
8.13   Sponsorship        How to become a sponsored member of your House.
8.14   Housepromotion     How to become a fully promoted House member.
8.15   Housefavour        Rewarding and punishing your fellow Housemembers.
8.16   Probation          House probation and its effects.
8.17   Houselogs          A record of all important House activity.
8.18   Influence          House influence scores in cities.
8.19   Houseedit          Creating, editing, and deleting House scrolls.
8.20   House Expansions   Class-based expansions to House Manors.

8.99   Guild              What were guilds?