Bardic Harmonic Instrument Specialisation - Achaea Online Help

9.45.1 Bardic Harmonic Instrument Specialisation

In order to acquire skill levels above ADEPT in the HARMONICS skill, the
student of the art must select a bardic instrument in which to specialise. Once
selected, this specialisation may only be changed at substantial cost (100

The five bardic instruments are Flute, Mandolin, Harp, Lute, and Lyre.
SPECIAL NOTE: The Lasallian Lyre is usable as a Bardic instrument.


SPECIALISE IN <bardicinstrument>   - selects a specialisation.
SPECIALISATION                     - shows your current specialisation.
UNSPECIALISE <bardicinstrument>    - removes your specialisation.
                                     (cost: 100 lessons)