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11.7.4 Babel, God of Oblivion

Cosmologists and Mythologians have long known that our world, the vast array of
planes referred to collectively as the multiverse, exists alongside an
immeasurable void of Primal Chaos. They know that in ancient days a god named
Babel, Lord of the Iron Crown and Flame-Bright Spear, was given dominion over
the border between the void and the world. It is often said that this god was
driven mad by His charge, His mind hopelessly confounded by overexposure to
that which cannot be described. Nevertheless, as many will testify, Babel's
presence and power have recently been made manifest in Achaea once again.

Overshadowed and driven into long exile by the jealous power of rainbow-eyed
Eris, Babel has returned to reinstate the ancient order first established by
Sarapis Himself, whereby the consuming powers of Chaos were restrained and
dominated by the immense, focused will of a single god. Despite claims made by
other gods to a portion of Eris's legacy, Babel steadfastly maintains Himself
to be the only true Chaos God, holding His will and His will alone to be in
perfect alignment with the nature and essence of the void.

Babel speaks an ominous prophecy of inevitable doom over the peoples and worlds
of Creation, proclaiming that the epochal moment of the Horror's coming
provoked a relentless process of cosmic decline that has continued and will
continue until the final moments of the world. Like a steel blade in a bath of
acid, the very fabric of reality is slowly being consumed by the advancing tide
of Chaos, and all is returning to the original state of undifferentiated
nothingness. Furthermore, declares the Lord of the Unknowable Mysteries, this
is a process and a conclusion which all wise men and women ought to seek and
desire with earnestness. There is no greater state available to a mortal or
immortal than to be perfectly nothing, to be perfectly one with an infinite
void that is also nothing, and to perfectly know and understand all things
because all things are nothing. This is the profane vision of the mad god of
the outer reaches, and this is the great goal towards which He constantly
strives. Woe to those who would deter Him, and woe to those who would share in
His foul work, for the black eyes of Babel see nothing but that which is
consumed and that which will be consumed before the final moments of existence.