The Iron Realms Community

One of the greatest things about Iron Realms MUDs are the built in communities. From the first minute you begin to play one of our MUDs you are placed within a community of players with similar goals, and similar enemies. It is the strengths of our games!

You can get to know your fellow players even more though our other community Tools.

MUD Game Forums

Our players are passionate about our MUDs, so the forums can be just as intense as the games! Our player forums give you a chance to discuss the games, events, and roleplay all taking place in the fantastic MUD worlds.

Artisanal and Bardic Contests

Each MUD we run hosts their own artisanal and bardic competitions, allowing players to submit their work. The staff for the games then judge those submissions for fantastic in-game prizes. Check out some of the works done by die-hard MUD players!

Game Wikis

Want to help catalog the entire game world? Check out the individual game wikis and you can help. Just sign in with your character name and you are ready to go.

Player Submitted MUD Scripts

Need some help coming up with triggers or aliases for your favorite MUD Client? Maybe you are a scripting master and would like to share your knowledge. Here is a list of player submitted MUD scripts.