Ben Gorlick

MMO Art Designer Chris Bourassa

This is a great interview with Chris Bourassa who handles most of the Iron Realms art work and has worked on projects for other large gaming companies.

Role Playing Games: an Interview with Eric Lamy

text game producer Eric Lamy

Ben Gorlick is back with another "Producers Corner" - this time featuring Eric Lamey, the Producer of Iron Realms text game Aetolia!

Text Games: an Interview with Justin Walsh (Tecton)

iron realms text games

This episode of Ben's "Producer Hangout" features a 3 part interview with Justin Walsh, aka Tecton of Achaea!

Text Games: an Interview with Robb French (Estarra)

text games roleplaying

This new episode of Ben Gorlick’s “Producer Hangout” is a four part interview with Robb French known to Lusternians as Estarra and to Achaeans as Eris, the Goddess of Chaos.

Text Games: Five Iron Realms Tools Worth Discovering!

text game tears of polaris muds

This article highlights some of the useful Iron Realms applets and extensions that let you stay connected with your character!

Online RPGs: An interview with Jeremy Saunders

iron realms jeremy saunders text games

Ben Gorlick brings us a recorded interview with Jeremy Saunders, President of Iron Realms Entertainment. Jeremy talks about his time as Sartan, gives great roleplay advice and even talks about the future of IRE!

Adventure RPGs: The Quest for Power

tarpen necromancy iron realms

An engaging article that urges online text gamers to carve their niche and complete the ultimate quest for power.

Text Games: How do Gods and Mortals Co-Exist?

text game god universe

An excellent read that raises questions regarding mortal / divine interaction in text games, and draws parallels to real life religions.

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