Aetolia, the Midnight Age

Vampire of Aetolia

Vampires roam the lands in Aetolia, a land besieged by terror and dark forces. Dare you fight against them, or will you embrace the darkness of the night? The choice is yours in this epic dark fantasy MMO by Iron Realms. 

In the world of Aetolia, every decision has its consequence. Will you pursue the path of knowledge, unlocking the mysteries of the realm as one of the Cabalists? Or perhaps you seek to dispel the darkness that plagues the Midnight Age as a knight of the righteous Templars. Whatever your choice, both allies and enemies abound.

Casting a dark pall over all, however, is the might of the Dreikathi army, whose wyvern riders and mystical technology threaten to overmatch even the mightiest of warriors.

Aetolia takes hardcore roleplaying and intricate combat mechanics to their extreme in a gothic fantasy realm populated by only the most dedicated of souls. With thousands of quests for players brand new to the realm and those with years of experience, the opportunities for adventure are boundless.


Game Features

Explore a Vast World
Player-Run Factions
Dynamic Economy
Friendly Community
24/7 Newbie Support
Fly or Ride Epic Mounts
Unparalleled Crafting
City Development Systems
Play as a Vampire