Show and Tell – How to Add Flavor to Your Character’s Description

elf bard mmorpg

When you create your character’s description in a text-based game like Achaea, how do you do it?

Have you ever role-played a drunken dwarf (or other MMO oddity)?

Dwarf Warrior

Part of the beauty of a MUD is that you are absolutely free to roleplay as anything you can imagine.

IRE Asks: What was your favourite promo item?

Iron Realms logo

Iron Realms makes the habit of running monthly promos as encouragement and incentive to both new and existing players.

Skyrim: A Text Gamer's Point of View


Two years before  AchaeaThe Elder Scrolls: Arena was first made available in 1994 for DOS systems. Throughout its history, the game relied heavily on the idea of allowing players to develop a unique character that makes its own choices -- and then deals with the consequences of them.

Grook Occultist

Grook Occultist from the MMO Achaea

This image depicts a Grook Occultist sitting on a stool studying a massive, ancient tome.

Dwarf Priest of Achaea

Dwarf Priest from the MMO game Achaea

This image depicts a Dwarf priest standing astride a fight of dungeon stairs battling the undead.

Satyr Monk from Achaea

Satyr monk from the MMO game Achaea.

This is another fabulous image from Chris Bourassa of a Satyr Monk from the MMORPG world of Achaea.

Xoran Druid of Achaea

Lizardman from the RPG MMO, Achaea

From the RPG MMO game, Achaea, this image depicts a Xoran Druid.

Should Polygamous Marriages Be a Part of MMORPGs?

Polygamy Parody

Iron Realms games allow characters to marry eachother within the game; what if polygamous marriages were an option? Read on and offer your opinion in the comments!

Sci-fi MMORPG Tears of Polaris development put on hold, but not cancelled.

tears of polaris

Tears of Polaris, the sci-fi mmorpg to be the sixth game by Iron Realms, has been put on hold indefinitely. Read on to find out why, and how Iron Realms plans to move forward.

RPG Games: The Endgame is Nigh

Achaea dragon rpg

With the Great Hunt right around the corner, take a look at what players in the other Iron Realms text games will be working to achieve!

Text Games: an Interview with Justin Walsh (Tecton)

iron realms text games

This episode of Ben's "Producer Hangout" features a 3 part interview with Justin Walsh, aka Tecton of Achaea!

Online Text-Based RPGs: The Undercover Achaean Returns... to Achaea!

text-based RPG

Love Aetolia, Midkemia, Imperian or Lusternia? Read on to find out how your favorite text game different from its' predecessor, Achaea! 

Text-Based RPGs: Urban Achaea - Cyrene

urban achaea cyrene text games

Every city in a text game has a unique personality, purpose... and stereotype. For more information on the real Cyrene, click here! This is the first article in a series about all of the major cities in Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.

Achaean Atavian

MMO Jester Class

This is a depiction of an Atavian from the text game Achaea.

Siren of Achaea

Siren Assassin MUDs

This is the original artwork of a Siren from the MMO Achaea, drawn by Chris Bourassa.

Text-Based MMOs: Roleplaying a Rajamala in Achaea

text game rajamala

Ever been intrigued by the Rajamala race in Achaea? Click here for one man's take on how the race should be played. 

The Many Uses of Cactus Weed in Achaea

happy face

Ever wondered what good cactus weed is in Achaea? Read on for some various uses.

Dragons of Achaea


Lets face it, in the MMORPG Achaea you can become a dragon, and what the heck is better than that? This amazing piece of fantasy dragon art comes from Chris Bourassa.

Role Playing MUDs: Five Things to Do Outside the Cities of Achaea

Fantasy town in a MUD game

Sick of sitting around your city in Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands? Read on for some ideas about where else you should be spending some time.

Tsol'aa Sentinel

MMO Sentinel with Pet Wolf

Here is the first of some fantastic new art we are getting for the IRE text game, Achaea. This is a Tsol'aa Sentinel done by Chris Bourassa.

Achaea Shirt Design

Achaea Shirt Design

This is the rough draft for the shirt design for one of Iron Realms most popular text games, Achaea. Once again this image was created by Chris Bourassa.

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