About Us

Iron Realms Entertainment is the world’s leading publisher and developer of MUDs. IRE was founded in 1996 by its CEO, Matt Mihaly, with the goal of producing high quality, text-based MUDs (or MMOs if you prefer) using a business model he pioneered - virtual goods sales.

IRE opened its first text game -- Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands -- in 1997, following it up in 2001 with Aetolia, the Midnight Age, with Imperian, the Sundered Heavens in 2003, Lusternia, Age of Ascension in 2004, and Midkemia Online, a MUD based on works of NY Times best-selling author Raymond E. Feist, in 2009. In 2016, Iron Realms announced the development of its sixth MUD - Starmourn, an original Sci-fi game set for release in 2017.

There’s nobody on earth who puts the kind of energy, passion, time, and resources into MUDs that we do.  

You can contact IRE via mail at:

Iron Realms Entertainment
145 Corte Madera Town Center #451
Corte Madera, CA

The IRE Text Game Management Team

Executive Management

CEO: Matt Mihaly

A veteran of MUDs going back to the early 90s, Matt founded Iron Realms in 1996 to build best-in-class MUDs, personally developing much of Achaea - its first MUD - where he invented the modern free-to-play with virtual goods business model. Since then, he's overseen the release of four other Iron Realms games, led a spin-off company (Sparkplay Media) that raised $8m and built in-browser tech for streaming MMOs (later sold to Turner Entertainment), and is currently working on Starmourn, IRE's upcoming sci-fi MUD. Matt has a degree in political science from Cornell, and in his spare time likes outdoor activities, photography, and, of course, games of all sorts. Email: matt (-at-) ironrealms (-dot-) com

President: Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy's association with Iron Realms started as a player of the text adventure game Achaea before serving as a volunteer. He was eventually chosen to launch Iron Realms's third MUD - Imperian - as its Producer and served as Executive Producer for Iron Realms before moving into his current role as President. Prior to working for IRE, Jeremy was an entrepreneur in the martial arts industry, and occasionally fought professionally in UFC-style bouts. Email: jeremy (-at-) ironrealms (-dot-) com

CTO: Justin Walsh

Serving triple-duty as CTO of Iron Realms and producing Achaea and Starmourn, Justin is responsible for developing and supporting IRE's core systems, alongside overseeing two of the games. His years of technical experience, paired with his life-long love of gaming, help keep the Iron Realms at the forefront of their field. Email: justin (-at-) ironrealms (-dot-) com


Producer: Nicola Newton

Nicola started out as a player in Achaea in 2009, a total newbie to gaming and MUDs in general. She soon threw herself into all aspects of the game including writing, roleplay, combat, and also helped out for some years as one of the Achaea's Guides. In 2014 she joined the team as a volunteer and was quickly diving into events and lore creation, it wasn't too long before she became an Assistant Producer. In May of 2016, Nicola and Charlie Russell combined their complementary talents and stepped up as a team to take on the roles of Co-Producers for Achaea. Email: nicola (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com

Producer: Charlie Russell 

Gaining notoriety for being one of Achaea's premier combatants, Charlie took the next step and began working for Achaea as a programmer in 2013. He puts his vast combat knowledge and his BA in Computer Science from Essex University to good use expanding and improving all aspects of Iron Realms flagship game. Email: makarios (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com 

Executive Producers: Matt Mihaly and Justin Walsh

Development Team:

Associate Producer: Samantha Keppler

Drawn into the world of Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands in 2005, Samantha adventured as an organisational leader, avid explorer, and champion of lore until early 2011, when she transitioned to a volunteer role. In 2013 she was appointed to Associate Producer, and has since been involved in a great deal of events and projects. Hailing from rural Britain, she graduated from the University of Essex with a Master of Arts in Literature, with a focus upon natural writing and environmental ecocriticism. Email: gaia (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com

Developer: Eric Wich

Though now serving as programmer and developer for Achaea, Eric started his journey with IRE MUDs in early 2003 as a wide-eyed newbie wondering just what he was getting himself into. Achaea quickly became much more than a game for him, as his venture to understand scripting for player combat was a large motivator to study Computer Science in higher education, resulting in a successful career in the field of software development and managed IT services. After joining the team initially as a volunteer programmer, Eric is now a full-fledged code junkie that bleeds Iron (Realms). Email: cellorran (-at-) achaea (-dot-) com


Producer: Michael Duncan

Michael's first adventure in Aetolia began in early 2003. After years of battling his fellow players and causing a great deal of havoc, he transitioned to a volunteer role in 2008, eventually becoming the Assistant Producer of Aetolia. In late 2012, he assumed the role of Producer. Michael is from New Zealand, and has studied computer science at the University of Otago. Email: razmael (-at-) aetolia (-dot-) com

Development Team:

Assistant Producer: Katie Coombs

Assistant Producer: Luke Moore


Producer: Jeremy Saunders

Development Team:

Assistant Producer: Laura Powers 

Laura started off in Imperian not long after its public release as, what one would call, a true newbie. After getting her bearings she went into the game full force, taking part in almost all of the mortal volunteer programs, and learning the way of the game. In 2013 she was hired as an immortal volunteer for Imperian, where she immediately started working on events for the game, this led to her becoming an Assistant Producer in the 2014. Email: elokia (-at-) imperian (-dot-) com

Developer: Tomas Mecir

Living in Slovakia, Europe, Tomas has a MD in Computer Science. Having played the Iron Realms text games for several years, he became a volunteer programmer for the Imperian game in 2009, and was hired in 2010 to work on various existing and new projects for Iron Realms. Email: tomas (-at-) ironrealms (-dot-) com


Producer: R.M French

R.M. has a long history with Iron Realms as one of Achaea's earliest players. One of the leading players of that time, R.M. eventually became an admin for the MUD. Years later, Iron Realms hired R.M., along with David Mooter, to create Lusternia. Email: estarra (-at-) lusternia (-dot-) com

Producer: David Mooter

David is an IT architect by profession and was a prominent player of the Achaea text game as well as a long-time volunteer before Iron Realms hired him to help create Lusternia. He graduated summa cum laude from Miami University and has been the lead architect on several multi-million dollar IT projects for a Fortune 500 company. He currently lives in beautiful Amish country. Email: roark (-at-) lusternia (-dot-) com

Development Team:

Assistant Producer: Samuel Williams

Samuel is a software developer working for the UK Government as a civil servant based in London. He has been a long-time player of Lusternia, starting the day it opened and over the years since has worked as a builder, mortal coder, and immortal volunteer. He was hired in 2011 to work on this and other IRE games and projects, taking a break in 2014 to focus on personal and career development. In summer 2016 he returned to assist with the daily running and coding needs of Lusternia. Email: iosai (-at-) lusternia (-dot-) com

Midkemia Online

Producer: Patrick McNallen

Producer: Aimee McNallen


Producer: Justin Walsh

Executive Producer: Matt Mihaly

Development Team:

Assistant Producer: Laura Martz