IRE Asks: How Long Do You Spend Bashing?

The Grind

For some, bashing is a means to an end: achieving the highest level and whatever reward it comes with, then retiring into a life of uh, whatever it is people do when they aren't bashing. For others, however, the grind doesn't simply stop when they reach the top. They might work in a home office, bashing for hours as they take client calls. Or maybe going home on a Friday night and grinding out a couple levels sounds way more appealing than getting smashed with co-workers at the bar after work.


It's easy to ignore the real world and become lost in the epic fantasy adventures of a MUD, and we're definitely not here to judge you! As long as nobody starts a Hikikomori clan, there shouldn't be any needs for "divine intervention"! 


Whatever your reason, we simply want to know how many hours you estimate you put into your daily grind. What's the longest you've gone bashing without sleeping? Have you reached your goal yet, or do you grind for some other reason? Do you prefer grinding alone, or do you keep company?




I bash if there's an extra effect like double exp, et cetera. I don't think I'll have the endurance to get dragon, so I basically bash for gold, most of the time.

Yep, I bash for gold. Imperian aspects can spend their excess XP, but the gold cost is soo high it's not really worth it.

gold and more gold

?Have swapped bashing for fishing - more time to work on stories

try that fishing stuff.

I'm actually less likely to bash during those events, I tend to find the fact that everything is overhunted more than eliminates the bonus experience.

it can be a bit more frustrating than that, sure, but still... a lot of XP. Of course, my main experience on the subject is from Lusty.


seems much more overhunted than Lusternia during Great Hunts, I'm realizing...

Never noticed that - always level appropriate stuff if I want it - maybe it gets worse at higher levels

During the one Great Hunt I really tried, everything was pretty much dead before I could get to it. Lusternia certainly does have a lot more bashing areas, and way more content in general - makes sense that it would be like that.

Presumably Lusternia is larger. When Lusternia opened a great bash would have been pretty much just astral.


i love lusternia exactly for that reason.

too long

far too long

pretty much this

Unhealthily long.

I don't bash enough! But doing it the Serpent way is tough! :3

I'd love to have the time to bash for dragon, but so far it's just for maybe an hour tops.

Same for me. Maybe even less. Bashing in general becomes so boring, especially when you've got all your favorite attacks all fixed up nice with shortcuts and what-not. So most of the time, I bash if I don't have anything better to do. And usually something better to do ALSO consists of checking emails, watching a movie, something else...


Unless it's Double XP in which case, leave me alone.

I agree completely. About an hour is all I can manage, unless I can get the gratification of watching my experience percentage go up at twice the rate it normally does.



Bashing sucks. It'd be nice if the leveling were made faster, so as to render it less grindy. I guess that'd sort of seem like an eff you, though, to people who are already 100. Seriously, though...

Grinding does wear one down after awhile.  I'm not sure speeding up the leveling rate would be good, though, as we'd just see everyone running around at or near dragon levels.  I'd love to see a bit more use of other combat skills for bashing.  Most classes only have one or two skills that can hurt a mob.  We already have healing and curing that is largely automated, why not have mobs that can be afflicted and have them use a modified curing system?  Then we could utilize our full skillset to hunt and, I imagine, it would give people more of a reason to trans their skills.  It would also, hopefully, make bashing more interesting and a bit less grindy.




Make it more interesting for yourself then by turning off auto-curing, exploring new areas and fighting different denizens. It's only boring if you make it so

Yeah. My mental concentration isn't what it used to be, and I can only go for half an hour nowadays

Less these days. Old!


61 minutes for me. That way I can call you all slackers!

same here

same here

these days..

I'm lucky if I can have an hour to bash nowadays.

I bash about 10min per week at best :(

but bashing to it? Bleh.

Makes and 'it gets better' video.



i used to bash for hours and hours a day, i was one of those people that got really pissed off about dying and losing xp, OMG I CANT BELIEVE I JUST DIED AND LOST 2% FML!!!!!


that stage of my life is over tho, i got dragon a while back and these days i just log on to participate in raids or whatevs

I used to be like that about exp, but I usually get it back from raiding, etc


Dying used to be such a pain especially after a long grind - but now that I'm a demigod it doesn't feel like a big deal.

Enemy territory deaths are between 500K and 2M essence. Other deaths are more around 100K, maybe less if you're resurrected.


good thing i haven't bashed in a while. wouldn't want to lose that much.

At least in MKO, xp deaths cost far less xp when you're 99, at least. But may just be that it's technically the same, but it scales the way gaining xp does.

In Lusternia, deaths at 99 just suck. You lose something like 7%. This is easier to take now with xp enhancers, but no one is happy when they die as a titan.

No, I'll never tell.

still not telling.

I don't bash as much as I used anymore either. 

good for you.


Once you get it, its easier to hold onto.

Kinda true for most things.

I'm always busy, and I manage to kill stuff as the hours tick away, but I never really focus on "bashing" unless it's a means to an end, like raising a shrine.  In which case, I catagorize that time as "raising a shrine".  Of the copious amount of time I spend logged in each week, I probably spend about 10% of that time actually killing something.  Instead my grind is a little closer to walk here, gather herbs, walk there, kill snakes, walk here, gather more herbs, walk there, kill off some poharaehe while I gather herbs.  Lather - rinse - repeat. 

Currently working on logos so quite a bit, but that time is balanced with working on order stuff and designing as well

Never could get to Logosian, myself.

logosian is like a pitstop, if that.

Usually its a goal for a certain % each day.


I also try and do this or else I don't think I would stay out there doing it as long as I do

this is useful for goal oriented people. Thats how I do it too when hunting

if I come out of the whole trip with a positive balance of gold and XP.

min goals are generally the best way to go. If your goal is dragon or demigod then that's just to far away for your rewards. I often set a goal of just trying to pass someone in rankings xp. Sometimes I'll even tell them and then we're both encouraged to go all out.

I usually bash for xp in bursts. I always bash a little when I'm on to make some gold, and at some point, I realize that if I just bash for x amount of time more, I'll make some milestone (gain a level or something), so I'll sit down and bash my way to that before going back to slowly making gold.



Hmm maybe an hour a day mostly for money.

Bashing is how i get out of bed in the morning.

Isn't that hard on the furnature?

I spend maybe an hour or so bashing, if that.  Even when I had a group of friends to bash with regularly, one or two circuits through our favourite spot was usually enough for me. I don't think I've -ever- gone without sleep just to bash. It's not exactly an appealing thought. But I prefer to hunt in groups, so maybe if a few of us got together and made an event out of it that would be a different story.

It's better in groups, when you can talk and RP and not just be a guy pressing one button repeatedly.


With my hunt to dragon, I was aiming at around 5-10% a day. I don't know if I was hunting the wrong places or what but it was taking me a good few hours every day spent purely on hunting. A lot of the best places were on islands so i'd be totally isolated just hunting away bored out of my head.

The worst thing is the xp events that Achaea offer for say ...the year 500/550/600 competitions. One time I thought i'd see if I could challenge for a top 10 place, being a dragon it should be a doddle right? Hell no, I spent most of the day bashing to get up to around 3rd place, go to bed and wake up 21st. There are people out there that literally spend in excess of 15 hours a day bashing, it's insane. More than 2 hours of bashing and I just have to stop, it's that boring. 

Dragon's not difficult to get, really, it's just tedious as hell.

IRE games would be waaay better if everyone just leveled really quickly. Bashing is dumb. PVP/RP/questing ftw!


Really depends on my mood mostly. Some days I can spend 3 4 or even more hours bashing alone. Other days its just a hour or two bashing with friends.

3-4 is the most that I will do and still do something productive that day.  I try to not let achaea prevent me from having fun with my friends and family when given the chance.

MUDs are great, but there lots other stuff going on, as well!

I can't stand bashing. I do it sometimes, but I am awful at it, knowing the good spots, and making money. Bashing is one of the worst parts of the game, I think. It is one of the few things that makes me miss WoW

they have an alternative to bashing - you can influence denizens to give you gold or experience, peacefully.

It's good for the RP of not being a bloodthirsty d-bag who goes around mass murdering things for 'the experience' ;P but in the end they both ammount to doing boring and repetetive tasks FOREEEVERRR.

This sounds pretty interesting!

I can bash for decent periods, bu I am still a low level

I spend the whole day bashing

Pretty much....

I quit bashing. never went back

me too

I have little time for bashing...

I'm one of those really weird people who..actually enjoys bashing. It's so monotonous and keeps me focused on it specifically it's actually kind of soothing. I specifically got all my artifacts just for bashing, increased health, sip, etc. Working on upgrading it even more so. When I'm in the mood, I'll do 2-3 hours a day, otherwise usually 1 hour runs if I am playing long enough.

I really enjoy bashing. I put on some music and just go around mindlessly slaughtering while singing terribly off key. Its a pretty good time if you ask me. I agree that the monotony is soothing and I like seeing the bodies, xp, and gold pile up. I mostly end up doing it alone, but always enjoy company when people are up to it. I also like that a lot of the skills and items impose a nice one hour time interval on it, which makes for a nice break (such as now) or opportunity to quit. Either way though, i end up spending a fair amount of time at it and will admit to having lost some sleep when the xp bonuses are high enough.

Same here.  Bashing is relaxing in its way.  It's also a great way to amass physical power and wealth, so that's cool too.

I blame when I first started playing on my absolute hatred of bashing. When I first started, I literally didn't stop until I needed refills on vials. There were years spent on Mysia bashing pirates with very few intervals in between.


Now, I bash as little as humanly possible. Unless there is some sort of experience bonus, or I've been pummeled in a raid, jumped or ganked and lost significant xp or a level, I won't be bothered. Would I love to see Gare? Yes...but for the love of the gods, I'm not even to level 93 yet, and that's supposedly the half way mark...

92 was the halfway mark??

I bash solo, and try to gain something each day, whether that's X% to next level or Y gold.  But the games are addictive enough that those goals often get surpassed and I'll end up going for longer.

Four hours on various characters.

That's much ^^ 

1-3 hours, depending on how much time I have to devote to it. Weekends allow more bashing, but there's still only so much I can take. If I'm really determined, though, to gain a level, I can pull an all-nighter to that end.

just when I need gold, I barely do it but ever since switching froma  priest it seems so much faster.

I spent so many hours, over so many years, bashing. Why was this too long?


Because, IRE, your bashing is horrific. Stupid. Boring. One bashing attack per class, no choices, no interesting aspects whatsoever?


You have such great PK skills, but prevent even a single one of them from being used in bashing, because you're too darn lazy to bother implementing some sort of AI. What kind of ridiculous laziness and lack of care for your customers could possibly make you force us to spend so much time bashing, pressing the same key over and over, without variation? It's the worst grind system I've ever seen, because there's absolutely nothing to do but hit a single key or set of keys over and over without variation.


Put some effort in. Let your players do something _interesting_ to gain levels.

I have four bashing skills as a Midkemian mage (one is a prerequisite to the other). It does not change everything, but it helps to kill mobs a bit stronger than what I would be able to take with only the basic bashing attack.

I  don't do it without a goal in mind first. If I have time to bash it's usually only an hour or so before I stop. It all depends on what I'm hunting and how large the area is.

Bashing is actually fairly enjoyable for me. I spend 75% of my time in realms bashing right now. Want dragon so bad. Prefer to bash alone most the time, but there are a few people I really enjoy killing stuff with. Good conversation is a must either way so I always irritate people on clans.

Hardly ever bash.



Not long - Serpent bashing is lame.

I need to bash more, I want Logosian!

0 hours. I came up with an RP reason to never bash. That's how much I hate it.

Bashing is boring and a waste of time.

I used to hate bashing, but now that I got endgame, I'm kinda hooked on it. Having artifacts to make me feel godly at it helps - it's a nice way to zone out and relax, while I watch some TV or read the internet.

bleh bashing

It was a lot more fun before they took crits off honours mobs and added blackout and mass limb breaking to everything.

Completely agree, I'm noticing I'm going through almost as much mending as I do health and mana...that's so sad. :(

Really depends on mood, and time...





Much rarer now


I got to level 82 on my own time and then stopped... race and class also plays the biggest role in deciding what kind of basher you will be... when I was a Siren I was quite squishy but had high damage hits... I find dwarf is way better for bashing though.





bash to fall asleep whee

Back in the day when bashing was a mindless exercise and there was no such thing as double xp etc. Due to all that, I hardly bash now, the thought of it risks a coma.

I used to leave autobasher to work and switch to something interesting/useful. It gets boring eventually too though.

I enjoy bashings. I spend most of my time in realms doing it, for gold and xp. I find amusement in dfenizen responses, and like exploring new areas and seeing what's worth bashing.

Nessacary evil. I hate it.







lazy or not! :)

I can never quite bring myself to do it and end up only bashing when I need the gold. 

I assume influencing is associated with bashing because it is the same thing. I do it entirely too much I believe, merely for lack of anything else to do. I influence/bash 10-16 hours a day if there is no pk. Merely because I don't believe in any down time. Idling isn't making money afterall. At first I did it for rankings...and then I became that rank. There is the joke of 'If you reach 1 billion essence they'll auto ascend you!' but that'd take a long time.  I suppose the only other reason is to top the achievement boards, but even that is a useless goal. I'd like to spend less time bashing, personally but IRE hasn't really offered anything else... 

I agree that sitting idle is largely a waste. I only do it when I'm working on my system. This though is a lot and I'm pretty sure would drive me insane. I can only last a few hours before I have to log out and find something else to do.

Influencing is almost like autoratting in my opinion. But hey, to each his own.

I -never- hunt. Every now and then I might do a few quests if im bored and have nothing better to do, but usually i get my gold from theft and experience from pk. Bashing is just way to boring for me, always has been.

I just reached dragon and the last two levels just make you want it more, so you hunt more. I was lucky enough to have two favours for three months in the weekend at the very end, and I hunted more than 12 hours each day to get dragon. It was like a personal Great Hunt.

bashing is about rewarding the unemployed. just as the photo says. those of us that still dedicate to it, but cant spend every hour of every day have a much harder time

because bashing is so boring and tedious, it is easy to do while doing something else meaning that you can end up doing it for a long time without even really noticeing, but yeah since i got dragon i doubt i hunt more than 10 minutes most days.

Meh. I go back and forth about how much I enjoy it. I still usually do quite a bit for xp and coin regardless.



... is left only as a last resort for something to do.  Or if I need gold or credits.  I have have a srs love/hate thing for great hunts. -_-;

I don't generally hunt for gold or experience anymore. Leveling is incredibly slow at 80+, and the gold earned in two hours (serpent) bashing is not nearly as good as the gold earned in two hours of deepseafishing. I usually end up spending a few minutes each day on a trip to gather inkmilling reagents, like fish scales and the dreaded buffalo horn, which is not really a group activity, and aside of that I sometimes drag one or more of my proteges or younger housemates to bashing trips to help them level up.




All I do is bashing, I think.


eewewewewew sucks like madness but needed :/

I bash quite a bit because I want to make dragon. Sometimes i wonder what I will do with dragon when I get it. I may be like the dog who wanted that car so bad but then when he finally did run fast enough to catch it he got flatened.  1-2 hours at a time is usually all I can stand but on double exp events I will go for 4 or 5.

I bash for at most 2 hours, that instance being a group hunt in Mac Mordail (a mine filled with diseased moredhel). Now days I bash solo in Mac Mordail, for around 30 minutes when I get around to it, I never really liked bashing much. Bashing for me is essentially a means to the end of increased power, as is posting this comment. I spend more time fighting the war against Sar-Sargoth, especially by taking villages.


I don't actually bash as much as I should, and am finding I am growing stagnant.  Mostly because it requires a lot of attention and I generally play at work.

Wish I had the time to bash!

Oh, God. Are we being honest? :o

I once stayed up for 2 weeks straight on a self imposed bash-a-thon.  Sponsored by Barq's root beer & meth.

Too long...

I usually bash the entire time I'm on unless there is an event or something going on.

I go through phases where I hunt alot and where I hardly don't hunt at all. When I do hunt I try to set a small goal to reach each time.


I dun like hunting :(




I still dun like hunting :(

I like it now, sort of. Getting 5 credits for weekrank and corpses to defile shrines is nice ^_^ (Yay to Aurora for tfs too!)

i hate it

It's a good way to earn the gold for credits, as well as gradually progressing toward dragon.  It's not Werin's main focus, but it's a definite side point.


I don't bash anymore, I used to especially for Great Hunts and things like that, but it got really tiring and slow, and boring that I just stopped.

What do you call infuence 'bashing'?

So much bashing :s




Influencing is better....but just as time consuming

I used to bash more, but it bores me. Now I bash/influence a little, and RP a lot

About a year ago now there was a 4-day long Great Hunt and I was 6 or 7 levels away from demigod. So ok, I'll get as much as I can out of the experience boost and just hunt the whole time! (And no, not Aetherhunting. Actual hunting, that counted for GH points.)

I made it to 1/3 of the way through Titan by the end of the hunt...but since then I haven't been able to bash for very long at all without going "no no no no no no never again" and quitting. Shudder. I'm burnt out on everything, really. Influencing, hunting, aetherhunting. So sick of all of it.

well, if you want to try again, you have another shot


(I assume that the greathunt is universal, apologies if not)

I don't mind bashing, I can quite happily do mindless repetitive tasks for hours and as long as the numbers are going up I'm content. I just don't have the spare time any more.


I bash when there is a lull in everything else my character likes to do....

I bash for hours. Longest I've gone is 20 hours of pure bashing, with some little RP moments in between. I do it to basically level as fast as possible. In fact, I'm bashing right now, trying to get to level 80/81 before I have to go back to school. 

Free credit.

Edit: In the future, please contribute to the conversation.

wow. Never seen them notice before.


with that in mind, I used to enjoy bashing, then it got so slow that I rarely bother

there will be bashing over thanksgiving, to be sure. Lots of bashing

RL is stressful, so the mindlessness of hunting and fishing is a great way to relax for me.

Unless it's a bashing even or I need gold.

I actually like bashing, whether it's hunting or influencing. What really gets to me is harvesting herbs. SO mind numbing, bleh.

Still sucks harvesting herbs! mraw.


But for some reason, I can't huntbash anymore. I just... have totally stopped. I influencebash like crazy, but I just can't take my violin and make some ears bleed.



I try to bash whenever I am in the realm.  sometimes 30 minutes sometimes more. 


Aetherhunt, Influence, or Astral bash? ;)

I agree

me too


more or less

Currently I'm low level and spend most of my time bashing

I only bash when very bored or needing gold. I generally just find it a dull grind.

I won't be bashing this great hunt but I find it relaxing to bash for hours. Holidays are meant to be with family, not pressing the macro for your bashing attack, mkay. 


~ Happy Thanksgiving for those of us who celebrate it.

... two hours at a time. I tend to stop when Jera wears off, that times it pretty well.

Just come see me for another one, mate!


I tend to spend 3-4 hours bashing, spread out over a day.

I need better weapons for bashing :(

I am a serpent. Bashing is terrible. I have a whole one defensive skill

I bash as a teradrim on aetolia, it's nice

Because they are insane bashers?

Ehh.. I bashed and influenced to 80 in Lusternia. I made it to 70 here in Achaea and that's about all I can honestly stand of holding down a bashing keybind. Repeatedly using the same skill over and over, sipping health.. Too much time and far too boring in my opinion. I guess the whole, "you should be this race for this class to bash efficiently" thing was a turnoff as well. I keep hearing people ask me, "Oh, you're a raja Sylvan? Why aren't you a troll?" Well I think it's troll, I forget. I see a lot of troll Sylvans around. Maybe this is one of those uh.. RP games, and I want to RP being terrible at mindless grinding, apparently. Or maybe I just wanted to be a raja, go ahead and throw the furry accusations now. c.c

Between that and the whole drastic change in experience gain I hit around... 60 I think? I always wanted to be a dragon but I don't see it happening. I hate to make a comparison but looking at the time it's taken me to hit level caps in other games, such as 85 in WoW, max prestige/rank in CoD, or any other game I've played, the grind to dragon is possibly the longest grind I have seen out of any game that I've ever seen. I really can't see myself running room to room spamming the same thing over and over for -that- long. And yes, I really did just compare grinding to dragon with Call of Duty, don't worry I'm ashamed about it already.


TL;DR : Wahh I'm too lazy to bash to dragon because it's the longest grind out of any game I've ever seen or played and spamming the same thing over and over for that long doesn't seem like it is worth the reward.

Double experience makes things so much easier, seems like triple at times!

Certainly makes it feel more rewarding. Bashing's still dumb, though! :P

Deaths don't feel as bad when you can more easily make up the XP lost.


I bash for both, XP and gold :) take care all!

when the mood takes really


I mostly ever bashed for gold or to get essence for my nexus.  I just happened to gt demigod.  It wasn't a gole in itself it just happened.

I love bashing. I find it relaxing and soothing after a stressful day in the rl world. Most of the time I half-watch movies or tv shows at the same time. There are only a few hunting areas that I frequent where I need to give 100% attention. Hunting with friends always makes it more fun too :)

Normally not alot really, except right now because its a great hunt.


So alot all the sudden.

I don't really ever bash unless there is an xp event going on. I have to agree bashing is extremely boring and time consuming. The main reason I don't is because bop just sucks. I get discouraged when I spend a long time bopping a denizen 20 times and then see some one else come in and hit the same denizen 3 or 4 times and be done with it.

There are times when I can bash maybe an hour a day, then like recently when I was getting in reach of dragon, till I thought my eyes would fall out of my head or my finger started hurting from repeating my attack non stop for hours on that point I still baked more. Dragon fever is a dangerous thing for your health.

I plowed through twenty or so levels in the last Great Hunt, but since then I haven't spent much time at all on it. Which is a bummer, because I need more health and credits so I can be competitive in PvP. I just keep finding better things to do, like reading wistfully about other classes' skillsets and perusing the shops for cool stuff for my character. I know we just had one, but I am totally ready for another Great Hunt--and hey, it's the holiday season! All I want for Christmas is another Great Hunt! :D


...but not much anymore. Too tedious.

Used to bash for hours at a time, but that was years ago - will probably start again once I have finished building my systems to do more than hunt vermin.

I want to spend all my time bashing. There are never enough mobs and my wife would never allow it. Ugh.


mostly 1 hour

My usual tactic was to hunt until I ran out of endurance, which as a druid using reflexes only took about 45 minutes. If I was feeling keen, I'd run out of endurance, harvest my hive to regenerate, and do it again, and then I was done for the day.


It's kind of surprising I ever made dragon, compared to how hard some people work.

I need better weapons to really hunt. it takes way too long to kill things


or maybe I'm imagining it, and it really is just that hard


I bashed a bunch during the last GH

Too much.

After the new statpacks, much longer! I love these things. It's like... Everything I used to not like, I can do now. Hooray!

I'm still leveling so most of my time is spent bashing, some spent influencing and the rest getting involved in org/guild stuff.

That depends how I feel at the time. Some days I spend hours bashing. Some days I spend a few minutes bashing.  Some days I just think about bashing. :/

I bash maybe 2-3 times a week, for half an hour to an hour each time. Bashing just doesn't hold much interest for me.

I really only do it for the gold or if I died too many times recently, otherwise I don't bash at all! It's far too tedious and mindless for my tastes.

10-15 minutes per bashing stint max. I usually only make it to level 50 or 60 before I begin PvP.

1-5 hours, since I'm currently at home indefinitely on medical leave anyways.

Usually when an origami charm fades away, I switch to influencing, and when wetfold fades, I whip out a kirigami and go back to bashing.

I'd say I average 2-3 hours a week, but my longest session was on an alt a few months back during the great hunt. Spent about 30 hours over 2 days bashing as a newbie char, only to be knocked out of the rankings by some douche who heart-stopped down from the higher tier.

I grind best in games that have a great storys and quests. For those games, I can go all day. Otherwise, maybe an hour before I get bored.

I grind longer in 3D MMOs than I do in MUDs.

During a Great Hunt... More time than I would like to admit.  Though, currently I am working on getting endgame... Masochism is in this season.


of what I do

i'm one of those people that wants to reach a certain level and then start getting involved with the game


Something I need to get back into

Longer now, for sure, with new race changes1

After getting 80th and then one more level just to make sure I don't lose it so fast.  It just depends on my mood, most times I don't, just because I don't need the gold for anything and I would rather do more interesting things.  Other times I just need to bash some heads in and I'm not good at PK enough to depend on that, so its all those creepers and nagiri that get it.

I bash solely for the gold. I only hunt stuff I can sell. It happened to get me to level 90. It's reassuring because when I die, it doesn't matter - I lost XP, but I don't care. My gold is still in my backpack. (Note to thieves: it's not actually in my backpack.)

offers its own version of free or "paid for" credits, similar to here (I see you red text demon)!


Haven't found time to bash at all in late 2011, hopefully more time soon!  Happy New Year!



To months...Dragon took forever. Then Demigod...

Length of bashing has no bearing on a number of free credits received - perfect IRE equlity!

I usually do about one run of bashing, dissect my corpses, offer them then do questing.

I bash for gold or take others hunting so I don't honestly have a time I can say. Some times I won't bash for days, then I'll do it for an hour or two dragging someone around because they need it or I need gold and want to be helpful. If I'm really bashing, then I prefer to be alone.

10 hours today...100% bonus exp from event, 100% more exp from chalice, then 5% from book tattoo and another 5% from mentor bonus...210% exp bonus...not stopping until i pass out. 

I think I was this bad when I got level 100 ha!


Exp events and such influence my hunting but not too much. This month's promotion hasn't really affected my bashing.

Lately I also seem to ever bash on the XP events, been more into questing and and fishing as of late... trying to save for a ship aint easy. Anyway I am sure opne day I will eveeeeentually get dragon, just hope it is not like forever from now only 15 more levels to go -sigh- that means I am what like 1/4 way there?

I bashed to level 70 and stopped, I do not plan on bashing any further I am going to make sure that everything I have and do is going to make my crafter life easier... I plan on only ever making and selling alchemical curatives.

When getting to dragon I did a set percentage a day - 3% of a level so as long as that took - about an hour if Dun Fortress was full.  Love Dun!

The longest I've bashed was when I was level 98, I bashed and didn't stop until I got dragon.


I find bashing horribly boring and monotonous, I only ever bash (consistently) during Great Hunts or other such events, although I do occasionally go on a hunting trip when I run low on coin.

The closer I am to the next level, the more likely I'm going to grind it until I can. But sometimes I just can't be bothered to try and pay attention, and that's when influencing is fun...less effort, and I can still talk to people.

I don't bash too much, but I tend to work towards each achievement, until I am one off the next rank and experience bonus, pool them all together when I have a weekend coming up or something, then go on an influencing streak. Would get the gold to buy a kiss of the fates for an even greater experience boost and keep going. But without those achievements as a boost? I would be as happy as I am now as a level 30 or 40 character.


Anyways, as a tip, try spicing up your bashing runs by setting an alarm every how many min, or switch between influencing and bashing and even ratting for the heck of it. In Achaea, my character was afraid of the outside world, blamed on the thieves (the guy had a phobia for almost every single thing in the game), and he ratted his way to level 70 before I called it quits and decided to change into a new character.


Or there is another character that bashes to feed gambling addictions. Alot of fun with him.

Normally, I like to cycle between influencing and hunting, and usually alternate each on the hour. It's about how long the wetfold/kirigami last. If there's an xp boost, I usually try to do a few hours at a time. Otherwise, it's just as I want to.

Only for gold/credits.

Too long.

However, with Aleil, I've found that RP and business is taking up a growing amount of the time I spend connected to Achaea. More business than RP as of know, but I'm looking forward for that to change soon.

enough to get the credits from leveling up

As I get closer to Dragon, I bash more and more. :D

Lately, as often as possible. I need endgame! However, being a squishy mage, I tend to reflect for people and let them do the bashing for me :P

I love bashing on Moirean. Sentinel + endgame + hunting arties make it actually fun. I tear through stuff and feel super powerful - plus I can bring smaller people along and really help them out. My only complaint is that they change how shrines work so you can't use corpses to defile. I wish I could still do that. I'd be a defile/sanctifying machine!

Buuuut. I hate bashing in Luminary. So. Slow. Ugh!

Even at endgame I like bashing in Aetolia... There's still a reason to, and the denizen AI is pretty good.  So, I guess the answer to the question is - far too much, still.


hour or two

not long enough

Most days, I don't bash at all, but most weeks, I'll commit a day or two to almost nothing but, typically at 2-6 hrs on each of those days.  I'm sure one day, it'll get me aspect, but really, having Avasyuvian is good enough for me.  Hell with eating and sleeping.  Hell, I say.


Perhaps an hour a day at most.

is there something to do other than hunt? ;-)


seriously I spend a large portion of my time hunting, mostly with friends but not always.


It is a pk game afterall, go smite thy neighbor. :P

Now that I've got the rest of my influence skills...i can sit and influence for hourrrrrs and not really notice. It's definately slowing down now compared to bashing, and it does require I always find someone to buy esteem, but it's so much safer when your connection can be uncertain.

I bashed for four days straight once, stopping only for the ettentials to survive and to shower. When I was making my way to 100 I spent five to six hours a day bashing stopping only for my character to eat and sleep (before I got an artifact that prevented me from needing to do those things) Finally got to 100, got the small and not really effecient perks. Still, clearing out all the hunting spots was fun


Dear God.

You make me afraid. And also somewhat envious of your attention span. I've barely begun the game and already I haaaate bashing. Haaaate.


It sure does suck.

too long.

Which is really scary, cause damn, I put in at least two hours a night

An unhealthy amount, when I'm in the mood, or none at all, if I'm spending time with friends. It sucks being in the middle lot (e.g. between lvls 50-95 or so) especially in Great Hunt's etc, because at that point, it just seems like always being in the doldrums... even with all the xp bonuses, its about 2-3% at best, in an hour for me. Plus, dragons bashing in places where they are way over level is not fun for slow people like me...

maybe two.


Just by doing the city power quest it's easy to always, always be under a Harmony blessing, so XP gain, while not fast, is pretty adequate to my needs.

Not long enough, because it is soooo boring

I spend most of the time in the realms bashing. 

I used to spend hours bashing and then end up losing it in about 10 minutes so now I just don't do it at all

Bash, Bash, Die, Bash, Bash, Bash, Die, Die, Bash, Bash, Bash...wash, rinse, repeat.


Bashing is so tedious for me, and with a lot of things that already draw upon Kresslack's attention for organizations and city, there's not really the time or interest there. Plus....bashing a Serpent takes twice as long as it did as Blademaster. FML.


If I'm signed in and not working on Housework or RPing with the small handful of people I feel comfortable doing so with at this point, I'm bashing.

Endgame's a big deal in Aetolia. I want it as soon as possible.

I hate bashing.  It's the most boring aspect of the game, but I want the honours for being ranked at the top.  Time?  I bash a minimum of 3 hours a day on days that I have to work in RL.  On my days off I bash upwards to 14 hours a day.  I used to not bash at all, but now it's all I do.

If you're part of a city that actively raids or gets raided, there's a lot of potential experience to be earned from that alone. It's a lot more interactive and fun(I think), and I've gotten(and lost...) a good deal of experience. What I lose I always get back in the next raid, and then some usually. 

Seems I bash only long enough to level up my new beast.

Ho ho ho

For me I usually set a goal for myself, like I'll reach so and so level before I stop. Since I'm in a House, once I've reached that level I'll take a break and run around and do house things.

I try not to think about how long I spend bashing. Probably depressing amounts of time. Not as much as I did a few RL months ago, though. I've gotten lazy about it.

Some days none, or very little. Some days for hours at a time.

I rarely go hunting. I almost forgot it was something you can do....

half an hour to several

Not that much.

I never bash longer than a few hours at most... I am really takin my time getting to dragon XD

it gets boring quickly

It's just too bad it's the only way to get XP.

it gets boring quickly

Wasted many many hours bashing.

I am Bill Nighy, and I bash everytime I'm online. Which is rare. Sigh.


Science for the science god

I tend to set goals and work towards them, then take a break. Currently I am on such a break. When I get back I'll get to 80, my last goal was 75. Once I get in the higher circles I'll stop counting by level and probably just set gold (for credits) goals. Or go with the old bash x hours per week and eventually a new level will appear :P


80 now. I've changes my leveling to doing it mostly when there are one or several divine favours active. When not I've taken to exploration. So many places out there! (when the sun is not burning me to a crisp, ouch)

Slowly moving towards 85. Haven't had too much time, but I do try and take advantage of promos and such. Enjoying the ride though.

Sometimes I bash for hours other times not at all. It depends on how I feel, what goals I have when I log in, and if there are open hunting spots available. Same for influence. Usually though I'll bash for an hour or two and take a break. I also prefer to hunt alone but it can be fun with a friend so long as I feel like I'm actually contributing to it. I never aetherbash. It hates me.

Depending on the day, I can bash for a straight 10+ hours. Especially on a new character.

I do other things like sailing and socializing more nowdays.

Often for a couple of hours a day, though split up between doing something else, going on for too long makes me really need to take a break from playing.


Long time, yay for assisted bashing.

is an hour a day, maybe two if I can spare it.  Sure, I have goals, but I am not in a rush to achieve them.

I hunt a lot, usually alone, and to reach dragonhood (now for gold). When IRE decides to hold ricidulous month-long competitions that reward the same crazies with credits, I hunt almost none because it is often enough all but completely futile.