5 Tips for Roleplaying a Change in House, City, or Divine Order

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When someone new joins the same house, city, or Divine Order as your character, it can be an exciting time. This is especially true if the person is a seasoned player looking to make a major roleplay change. But if the person is an org-hopper then the situation is quite different.

Do you play the type of character who hops from one org to another with little thought to the roleplay reasons behind carrying out those life-altering choices? If so, then perhaps it’s time to change your modus operandi.

Repeating the same actions over and over again, like changing orgs without a substantial reason for doing so, gets the same reaction over and over again. And if your reason for changing orgs is something like, “But all my friends are doing it” then you may find yourself unhappy with the end result.

Before changing orgs, sit down and list the pro’s and con’s. For example, changing cities might mean that there is less emphasis on combat but you might have a better chance at gaining a ministry position. Here are some things to do before changing orgs to help ease the transition and make it more RP-based.
  • The Cool Kid Clique – Where do members of this org hang out? It is a great way to meet people and begin social networking to build a foundation for joining the organization. This will give you a great idea of what to expect from people once you join the organization as well.
  • Lean on Family – Do you have family members who hold membership in the organization that you wish to join? Getting to know their friends can help you connect with other adventurers within their organizations.
  • Introduce Yourself – If you’re sitting around at Centre Crossing in Cyrene and don’t know anyone, then it is easy to meet people and even make friends. Volunteer to help people with things you can do based on your abilities, like refill vials, cook snacks, or even provide runes or blessings.
  • Join Org Clans – Some organizations have clans that are open to anyone, even non-members, so long as the person is not enemied to that org. When you join a clan in anticipation of joining an org, then in addition to getting to know the members its news posts can give you some background about the org, too.


  • Participate in Events – If the city in which you plan to apply for citizenship is hosting an open arena event, join up and give it all you’ve got. Good sportsmanship with things like combat and arena events will add a lot to your reputation regardless of whether you follow Good, Evil, Chaos, or Nature.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Sometimes life in your favorite game does not give your character a choice about organizational relations. Your character could get kicked out on a technicality, or as with Achaea in recent events, the Divine you follow could wind up on the losing end of a sudden death match.

If you find yourself org-less, trust me when I say that the last thing you want to do is jump into another organization right away. As with relationships with other people, you don’t want to hook up with a “rebound org” on the heels of severing ties with your former ones.

When you jump from one organization straight into another one, whether it is a house, city, or Divine Order, chances are that you will find anything but happiness there. Give yourself time to transition and interact with other people. After all, roleplaying with others puts the R in RPG!

College grad Rick Williams would prefer to play all of his favorite Iron Realms MUDs from a hammock on a tropical island. Until his ship comes in he feels fortunate that he can continue grinding his way to dragon in between the daily grind of working a desk job. In his free time Rick enjoys pursuing real life adventures like mountain biking, paintballing, and rock climbing.


useful article

changing factions often gives you a new outlook. you might hear "x city sucks" or "x guild sucks" on the forums from disgruntled people but you might really like x place.


especially since you get to interact with people who you haven't met before, and reshapes how you view that org, because before you were biased because of one idiot

This tempts me to (1) make an alt (2) switch factions.

why not? I've made alts of different factions, and I loved interacting with people that my alt loves and my main hates

I agree

don't do number 1. just number 2. teehee.

never gonna leave my city and guild, though.



New!  I love seeing new articles again!

I love these great MUD articles lately.

lemme guess... coz of the greatness?

They're way more provocative/insightful. A lot of the older ones are just thinly veiled advertisement/SEO.

I'd also call the old ones more 'vanilla'.

uh huh

yes it is. A pity some people do not follow this kind of advice

Gives your character a perspective you can't get with just an alt.

though an alt is a good alternative!

Though not always one everyone has time for.

more difficult to RP, if you're really invested in your previous guild

sometimes though, it is a needed change. Even if you are a pillar of support in your guild/house, sometimes you (or your character) needs a change, and vanilla over chocolate isn't going to cut it


cool stuff!





not always possible to do that research beforehand, but sure

Yes, you're right. While you can ask people what an organisation is like, it's not the same as experiencing it!

make an alt temporarily to test things out.

so then I


then you..?

accidently the whole thing


Yay a new article! Good advice, too.

This is all pretty good advice for a switch.  I think it is important to do you research before and after the move.  Make sure to explore the history regarding your new home.

Why. I don't feel the need to study the history of cities I move to in RL. It is just as valid to RP, I don't know about x and learn it though actual experience.

good point

i think as long as you dont steal org owned things, like credits...gold..clans

However, history shows that doing so means more then just public hate. So, not a good idea.

I'm not much of a fan of organizations, but when I choose one, I try to stick with it.

Just be yourself.

I could never see myself leaving my House...

divine orders... haha.


Unfortunately if you do something like that in MkO, you're immediately burning a bridge somwhere.

There are definitely good and bad ways to switch. I've seen people be in just about every guild and every org, hopping all the time, but still be wanted. Ok, maybe just one person...

This is great advice! I don't see Eilona changing, though!

The biggest issue is biting the bullet on artifacts and skills that become far less useful upon switching.

I'd say the biggest issue is making sure you have fun in your new faction, or else ALL those artifacts and skills become boring.

That's way more the case in Lusty than elsewhere, though.

It is sometimes annoying to see a lot of flip-flopping

true, although over a long enough time period anything can be done convincingly I think.

And I think it's one thing to just change cuz you're bored, another to RP the change. Your RP, far from being hurt by such a change, may even demand it.

I always burn out in houses early. I guess I just can't stand the tasks.


Not much to comment on.

Interesting read.

Good advice.



making an alt is a good option if you ask me


Org hopping is bad, and you should feel bad!

I generally think that alts are the better option, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's bad.

If it keeps things interesting for you it's better than quitting.

And if people are gonna OOCly get upset over you switching IC sides in an RP game, well... that's dumb.

Never made a character that switched orgs. I just do alts.



urgh, I'm so bad at meeting people

good set of advice

bah, who needs changes

nice article

But still good read. I'll have to remember this in case I suddenly decide I don't like where I have Sable...







They are right when they say you gain a new perspective, and you might just see things from a new point of view, however if you gain the title org hopper, you will find that most people wont take you seriously as they see you as some one who is just passing through, good advice in the article though, and glad it was posted

is it worth it? most divine go inactive

I would say it's not THAT dependant on the fact if the Divine of the Order you wish to become part of is active or not. It's the general thoughts, the people and having a community that shared beliefs!

Good tips in the article

Hmmm some I guess.

I like the idea of introducing yourself to folks at city 'meeting' places.  The problem is that in all honesty most of them are city 'AFKing' places.

Anyone else not sure why this picture was put up with this article?


ETA: It's not a bad article though.

I'm not sure why. Probably just to showoff the game artwork. It's not really relevant, though.

Well, the dwarf does look like he's inspiring people to do something, possibly shoot for that change.

And all of the undead and armored dudes around him look pretty necromantic... maybe he's trying to convert them?

Guess I should join a House or something. Kinda cool being a Mhun Serpent when you get into the whole Moghedu stuff. Even though we don't do much. ._. I can play in the mines if I wanna.

really is no reason to change if you picked right from the beginning hehe, I am eager to vivisect

great MUD game article


True. Changing just because is somewhat bland.

But human and expected. how much did the population used to drop when a new major game came out.

helpful to jespar, as some of you know im a little flighty...

oh boy

Good article



Currently changing cities myself.

Good advice

As somebody who has switched orgs for different reasons, both in the ancient past, and more recently, it is -much- more fun and fulfilling to RP out the change first, over a period of time, then to just blow up and quit and run somewhere else.


Especially if the reason you want to leave your present org is because of stagnancy or lack of interaction.

I will -NEVER- leave Demonic. There is no but or if involved. <3 my org.