5 Must-Haves for Your MUD Game Bucket List

Babel God of Nihilism

There's so much to do in MUD games, it's hard to get bored once you immerse yourself in everything available to you.

The Game That Never Ends

Most games are finite. You start as a newbie. You hunt and quest your way to the level cap. And the next thing you know, you are at GameStop trading your game in for a new adventure.

However Achaea isn’t like that at all! There is no level cap, and the adventure is only outlasted by The Song that Never Ends. One of the risks people take when playing a game like Achaea is that the find themselves in a rut.

The tagline for Achaea is Dreams of Divine Lands, and once you immerse yourself into the game you will find that the dreams are as unending as the hunting and questing opportunities. But too many people sit at their org’s local hang out spot chatting up others about how bored they are.

A Bucket List to Combat Boredom

When this happened to me, I found myself not wanting to play the game anymore. As an org leader, I felt so guilty, like I was letting everybody down! Then a friend of mine suggested two things to help get my gaming back on track. The first was to take scheduled breaks, and the second was to create a bucket list.

So I began cheating. Don’t get me wrong. I did not cheat inside the game, and do not suggest doing it. Nobody wants to spend the rest of their Achaean life as a shrub! But instead I took time away from Achaea to shower my gaming console with some attention.

And it turns out that playing those other games was just the inspiration I needed to create a bucket list. Here are some of the items from my own Achaean bucket list. If your character is in a rut and you find yourself complaining of boredom, maybe some of these items can help inspire you to create a bucket list of your own!

  • COMBAT AND THE ARENA – Set a goal to play X number of arena events, or to dominate the combat rankings. This may lead to an org-related position giving you the opportunity not only to help others with combat, but to combat your boredom as well.

  • EXPLORATION – Did you know that in Achaea, adventurers are ranked by how much they have explored? Using your own mapping program or using copies of someone else’s maps, set out to explore as much of the realm as you can.

  • SWITCH ORGS – A new org means gaining a new set of friends, being given a new series of requirements, and just finding a lot of new opportunity for adventure in general. However, be careful to have a roleplay reason for the switch so you don’t get labeled an org-hopper!

  • LEARN A CRAFT –Currently, Achaea offers tailoring, jewelry, cooking, and heraldry. The first three allow you to submit designs to the crafting guild and create a whole lot of designs – whether they are your own, ones friends have shared with you, or from the public list of patterns, sketches, and recipes.

  • GET MARRIED – If you are bored in your MUD game, then I promise that getting married can prove very interesting. Marry the right person and it can enhance the game and help build up your character’s reputation. Marry the wrong person and you can experience a whole new level of crazy. Either way, you will not be bored!

Since creating my Achaea bucket list and taking scheduled breaks to do other things, my character has really blossomed. Where I once dreaded logging in due to feeling overwhelmed with feelings of obligation to my orgs and guilt for not really wanting to be there, I now find myself looking forward to escaping into my favorite text-based MUD!

About the Author
Seth Grayson is a college student who supports his gaming habits by working as a barista at a coffee shop. He loves that the free WiFi gives him a chance to check up on his favorite MUDs between customers. The latest items on his Achaean bucket list include exploring the sewers in every single city, getting his culinary license, and someday achieving the rank of dragon.


crafts are expensive, unfortunately







obligatory, sorry



though some how increases your might.


With my face.

















like 200 credits just to learn the craft...and then you have to spend more on actually learning the skill (only a mini-skill, so it luckily isn't the full 1736 lessons like a main skill)

Except in Lusternia where it is a full skill, but the skill also usually gives you some artifact level ability.

yeah thats a pain in the ass. Thats why I don't have any of those crafting skills. Why bother wasting all my credits when I can just find someone else who has them and pay them to do it for me.

Good outlook... When everybody knows all the crafting skills, it kinda puts a bummer on the economy and finding people to hire. If you have to look for somebody to do it for you, you get some extra player to player interaction.

Honestly the fact that I agree with both of you is why I have obtained my crafting licenses. Many others don't want to spend the credits and time designing. But I do. It's one of my favourite things to spend time on.


And I enjoy making designs for others, and the interaction we have when desigining and crafting it is amazingly fun. Renoir loves to meet new people, and make them prettier.

Yeah. Sucks.





indeed it is

Granted, but they are usually well worth it and easily have the potential to pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

finally caught an article fresh

unless you're a Mhaldorian. Marriage is sort of frowned on then

As it should be... as it should be.

good old mhaldor



a good list, I think, though prehaps a bit extensive for a 'bucket list'

Marry the wrong person and you can experience a whole new level of crazy. Either way, you will not be bored!

Oh my goodness. Isn't that the truth!

Are you sure?

depends on the person. If you are a combat nut and you marry a non-combatant, then there won't be much shared intrest. And there is boredom if you don't find each other intresting. Although that can't be quite true if you married them.

Lukckily, if you find someone who has the same plan, within reason, for their character, you can at least challenge each other. Learn combat! Make that something you two can do together! And don't forget that you don't have to spend all your game time glued to one another, either. Just like life, have your own stuff to do.

If they bore you, you always have something you can escape to, and let them daydream helplessly somewhere.


But that's what the game is for...

I so want to mail this to your SO!

interneting and lol about marriage

Marraige?  all the women in Krondor drink and/or cry

they're not crying! It's just the excess booze escaping through their eyes!

the same bad house leader seth we read the other day! *evilgrin*

he's accomplished so much in his MUD games career

this is so intense

with no prism policy exploring everything, aka becoming a ranger is freaking hard! Try to do it and you'll end up spending too much time..

45years old IG and explorer rank #12


Mudlet Mapper makes for easy exploration. What's difficult is not having a ship or being enemied to lots of orgs.

Definitely easier than what I've heard it was like in the past.. But there is a threshold. If somebody wants to be above rank 50 then he'll end up spending an enourmous amount of time trying to figure out how to enter in some places, enemy or no enemy. True story.. But it kinda was fun till now for me I have to say.


Excellent advice. I really should take a break from Achaea too, but it's so hard to let it go...

I agree


I don't!

I told to myself I need a break more than once.. I should listen to the inner voice once.

MUDs sure are addictive!

Say that again! I wouldnt believe it if I didn't try it by myself.. Much more addicting than WoW or frozen throne.

'frozen throne'? This is why translators for muds would be a bad idea.

Master Chef is the goal.


This is one of Eilona's goals, too!

I'm probably more interested in Tailoring, but there do seem to be a lot of tailors already...



Love that picture.

Yodeleh HE hoo!


good ideas!

3 to 4 out of 5 checked. Doubt I'll ever get married.


Always up for exploring and questing, but really need access to learning how to sail to really get into it.

I liked this, although I have to say that I think Iron Realms should put out some articles that aren't as closely tied to Achaea. Lusternia needs love too!

What's Lusternia?

Or switch classes! Different things to play with! :D



I want a Llama :|

But gotta keep bashing first!

The goal is getting Dragon, but right now I'm focused on getting level 80. I'm just afraid I might just feel burned out after getting it! It's not even halfway, after all.

I read this article.

D: ?



I tend to get bored with games easily, so it is no surprise that I've taken breaks from Lusternia, but I've played this game a lot more than I've played others!

All i want is to become a gatherer and inkmiller, forger , to have a hammer of forging and to afford a few small arties

My bucket list is to become a trans concoctionist, after i change class, as well as achieving some leadership goals

play ALL the classes!

but it works!


Between House goals and crafting (cooking), boredom isn't a problem!

do all the quests in the game!  Completionism ftw!

Complete all the quests in Midkemia Ever!

And explore every single room!  No really, you can even write scripts to check to make sure you didn't miss any

That's a good idea.

It really is, if you want to be 100% sure.



good article

its still a good list after a day, even

well, I have one or two of these out of the way, at least

Hunting, too. Even beyond level 99, I still think hunting is fun.

It's a lot easier at that point, that's for sure.

not everyone wants all those things

Naturally. Everyone has to look into the depths of their own soul to work out their bucket list for themselves.

+1 for picture of babel





cool idea

Good article, thanks

I agree with combat and the arena. Been working a lot on my roleplay, when it gets boring, I try out my skills. Is fun!

You forgot ship combat/sailing.

Let me sink your ship.


Eilona's goals are to become a cook, build a house and reach a high explorer rank.

Would it be naive of me to try and get a tailor license without spending real cash?


Just bash/quest

No, that's definitely doable. If you're dedicated to hunting and questing to get the gold you can do it in no time, especially if you save up the gold and try and get a bulk deal on credits on the market channel.

I'd say trying to get your tailoring license isn't hard in game i guess just do alot of saving up, but a hell of alot quick if you spend real money, anyway tailoring isn't that expensive, just take sometime to save up and don't blow your money in game

While it sounds expensive, it's actually not that bad. I managed to buy up 250 credits with about a RL month or so of bashing and fishing at level 85, so it's quite possible to go for the licenses you're interested in without necessarily needing to spend cash.


didn't relly like to get married, it was boring and time consuming.

I suppose that sways me on the marriage issue.



haha bucket lists work, but only sometimes, sometimes you just wanna go with the flow

Problem for most people is they switch so frequently and don't get involved in anything with any significance. Good post, thoug crafting will have to come after vision, when I can decide on jewelery or tailoring.. not much into cooking irl either.


Interesting read

Well, if concoctions is counted as a trade, then I can check three of those off my list. The top of my list though is to own an out of sub home, but so far, no luck.

and btw, that picture of Lord Babel creeps me out. Just  putting that out there. You know, for a




the picture looks like me, a year or two from now.

That picture looks like how we all wise we would look in our old age.


Switching orgs is not so easy in Midkemia.  Well not in Krondor.  Its all poachers and gameskeepers.

need more golds

This picture makes me want to worship Babel.

There is so much to do.


also, it should be spelled bukkit.  This IS the interwebs, after all

I have most of the same goals, except switchings orgs, and I want to become a Demigod. Then I'll allow myself to give into the boredom and stop bashing.

I think that could be interesting. I've seen some of the items that people have pumped out and they are pretty nifty.




I agree with the idea, I hav done everything that list with the exception of org changing and that has pretty much been done for me lol

this guy knows what the heck he's talking about, heh.

What I JUST said!

I really want to get good at combat someday.

Since getting to level 99 I have kinda stopped playing Achaea now, because I am bored all the time. No dragonhood really sucks and makes being level 99 depressing, and all this time still no developments on it. So I guess I will return again when Achaea gets a bit exciting again.


I do find there comes a point whenever I play Achaea that I feel like I've accomplished all the obvious "goals" I have with the game, and I end up just using it as a social club for a little while before going dormant again.






This could actually be helpful. The org hop one is something you need to be real careful about thoughl.

love the picture


good article

still a good list

Credit comment.

I like the Babel portait.

You credit farmers are beginning to annoy me. Why would you make a gratuitous post that has nothing to do with the thread, just to milk the system? Should be ashamed of yourselves.

I tend to use the game as a kind of escape from my day to day life. I can't see the lure of getting married in a game when I'm married outside of it.


winning an auction is also a nice thing to remeber..



I've been playing MUDS for almost 9 years now, for me its hard not to get bored, I'm always coming up with something else to do, granted sometimes I just drift away after a bit but its because I'm tired of some of the people that have just made it miserable for me to play. The bucket list is a good idea...I can't count how many times I've heard people say they were bored, even I've said it! But I always find something new to do, or make something up. Right now my bucket list for MKO is :

Finish my estate,

Engage in more open RP,

obtain a few ranks among the slew of Orgs I'm in and maybe leadership positions,

and become a transcended fisher.

Every now and then I get bored with even these and go do random quests or something else I enjoy doing like design or some such.

became a scholar, different from being a fighter, for a change.

Changing a character's focus can help break up the monotony.

Good read


one not listed: political power!  Try a leadership role for a while, see if you're cut out to head your house.

an infinite amount

Another fun thing to do is participate in the events, do the questing or whatever, or be present for the action, its fun!

Marriage can be awesome...but also dreadful. Need to find the right person!

must have for my game? credits from commenting here...



Just a reminder guys that commenting in these posts will no longer yield credits for the character that you have logged in on.


For further details please refer to:


Achaea: ANNOUNCE 2774

Aetolia: ANNOUNCE 2091

Imperian: ANNOUNCE 2241

Midkemia: ANNOUNCE 416

Lusternia: ANNOUNCE 2133

Interesting subject, Agreed with the majority of it.


I admit I was in somewhat of a rut, and tried focusing on certain goals. I think this is a really good idea to take a break from hunting.

I'd rather stick to my sfatey net than go out and die 'exploring'.

I wish they made hunting less repetitive, boring and tedious.

That's why they call it a "bucket list". Bored with hunting? Then set a goal to explore every room in a specific area/plane/continent/whatever. Make maps, X each area out so you can see what you've accomplished and what you have left. Don't want to lose XP and levels while exploring?  Start exploring everything from your level down so you don't die and by the time you've finished all that you should be a few levels higher. Then go back up and work on exporing those new areas.



When I was first introduced to text-based games online, there was no forum, no bbs outside game, everything strictly in game to figure things out, mostly on my own, at times someone would pop in to say something. Only very much later would things outside games started to show up, like ICQ. That somewhat changed the way fellow gamers started to communicate with each other, if they're not friends in real life already. I stopped gaming many years, only returned to game recently, starting with this one. This time around, I am hoping to fullly recover from mindless errors of the past, treading a path with much more care & mindfulness. Thanks much to everyone for taking the time to write posts like this one. Perhaps, hopefully, more of us will start to come to our senses...